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      The Hotel CASABLANCA of Pie de la Cuesta is located between the Coyuca lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.  It ‘s only 5 minutes from Acapulco.


      Acapulco has a tropical climate 360 days a year. The year round temperature is about 85 °F. But thanks to its location, the Hotel CASABLANCA  enjoys permanent sea breezes.


      The magic of Casa Blanca is its incomparable sunset that dreams are made of.


      The Coyuca lagoon is an exotic spot.. This quiet oasis is blending the wild with nature., such as its natural reserve of exotic birds. Also, the lagoon has been the scenic backdrops for famous movies like Rambo , Tarzan ,Apocalypse now …


      This place protected by the UNESCO,  is unique due to being Pie de la Cuesta, located between the open sea and a semi fresh lagoon water.




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